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Category: Toronto Mortgage Posts Toronto’s sizzling condo market slows down in 1st quarter, 2018

            Toronto’s heated condo market looses some steam due to the growing development costs and some of the condo project cancellations. They have produced some caution into Toronto’s hot condo market, and with more project terminations likely yet to come, comments Urbanation, the development research company. Urbanation found that new Toronto condo launch prices went up 23 per cent year over year at the end of the 1st quarter, 2018. Even with a really large number of condo development projects that were launched in 2017, about 53 condo developments projects with nearly 14,000 units that still had

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Category: Toronto Mortgage Posts Owning or Renting Condo Apartments or Homes In Toronto

            Owning or Renting Condo Apartments or Homes In Toronto Max Seal, Broker’s Comments: In Toronto as of now, we are in April, 2018. The question of “Owning or Renting Condo Apartments or Homes In Toronto” is a subjective one and the merits an demerits vary greatly between the prospective home buyers and the home or apartment renters and their individual family and financial circumstances. Here are some of the facts in Toronto real estate market as of April, 2018:   For the Toronto Home or Condo Buyers:   Owning or Renting Condo Apartments In

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Category: Toronto Mortgage Posts Toronto condo prices up but home prices down in August, 2017

          The Realtors and the Economists are finding a return to normal in Toronto’s housing market. A fourth consecutive month-to-month decline in median house prices has continued while condo prices are still going up. The Toronto Real Estate Board( TREB) reported that the average cost of a home in August — $732,292 (including all residence types and condos) — was still up 3 per cent or about $20,000 to August 2016. But that is still down about 20 per cent, or $187,000 lower than April, 2017, when the average cost peaked at $919,086. The number of

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